A Helping Hand

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Who We Are

We are a not for profit organization based in the USA with no religious or political affiliations.

Helping People to Help Themselves

We hope to help people all over the world. We emphasize Creating Healthy Communities, Encouraging Volunteerism, Providing Health Care, Disaster Relief and Providing Education.

Our Claim to Fame

100% of your contributions will be utilized for projects all over the world. Administrative costs are being born by an anonymous donor. Remember - your contributions are tax deductible.

Our Latest Projects

Creating Healthy Communities
There are so many people in our community doing great things to help others. Our goal is to get all these people together to maximize their impact in our community. We hope to outline a simple set of goals that we hope to achieve. Our final outcome will be a healthier community that works together as one big family.

Gift Of Sight

A project in Sri Lanka.
100,000 kids and counting.
All kids are screened for visual defects by trained volunteers. Then they are provided appropriate treatment by Volunteer Consultant Ophthalmologists and their teams.

Community Gardens

Our Goal is to encourage communities and families to grow their own food, using non-GMO seeds and organic methods of gardening.

Sponsored by CDMC Consulting